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Do it yourself with our professional chemical product for your home and car.

Our product range has been designed and suitable for your need & elegant lifestyle....

Our Car Beauty Product.

A good car care product is a spring of life for your car's paintwork and make your car look smart, easy maintain,
more valuable.
ChemicaBoy will be doing that for you,
it's the trusted of choice for not only professional car industry but car owners too.
Pick it up and start cleaning your car with greatness today!
Product of ChemicaBoy protect your car paint from dullness caused by sunlight and rain without leaving water mark and white residue, and giving you a shine for your car everyday. Product of ChemicaBoy adds a deep layer of protection & magnifies paint reflectivity. Produce a high mirror effect shine, UV protection, water repellent & beadings, detergent-resistant, clear coat safe and long lasting.

Our Home Cleaning Product.

A good home cleaning product provide you a clean, neat, relax and comfortable home.
A high end floor conditioner with special wax formula that produces an outstanding protection,
non sticky, good feet comfort, no rinse, cleans, long lasting, 99% kill bacteria, perfume aromatic fragrance,
prevent insect such as ants, cockroach, fly...etc,
dust repelling for all types of flooring,
including marble, granite, ceramic tile, terrazzo, parquet, wood.. etc.
After mopped, it provides a silky-smooth, brilliant shine but slip resistance flooring
and no water rinsing is required.
ChemicaBoy have many kind of chemical product - Car Beauty, Floor cleaner, Dish wash,
Hand wash, Bodycare, Kitchen cleaning and Washroom cleaning….etc,

and we do keep on research and upgrade our product are stable in quality, complete in specification.

All of our concept of product are in between 5E.
5 E are the concept of the product ChemicaBoy, there are
easy on easy off, easy work, environment safe, energy saving and effective.
ChemicaBoy are create and research by Microcard Marketing in 2010,
and start operate on September 2015
Our product are target for all kind of people who love Do It Yourself.

We committed
The Value Of Quality, Durability, Responsibility... Even More Than That...

A House Brand From Microcard Marketing.

Chemicaboy Product        
1. Chemicaboy waterless wash & wax.

2. Chemicaboy water & dust repellent nanocoating.

3. Chemicaboy spray mop and clean combo set - how to install.
1. Chemicaboy leather protection cream & leather shine classic.

2. Chemicaboy easy wash dish wash - how to clean sticky egg from plastic pan.

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