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Q What is the different of function between kawawear intelligent belt & keychain? 
  Belt =  Anti-lost - Incoming call reminder - Sedentary reminder - Sports pedometer ( keep track of your calories goal, step count goal, kilometer goal - Geographic sharing - View location sharing.
Keychain = Anti-thief - One touch to find things - Two-way search - Lost positioning - Remote control camera - Geographic sharing - View location sharing.
Q What is Kawawear Intelligent Belt and who is it for?
  Kawawear keep track of your phone, to prevent your phone lost, detect your current location, manages your weight and calorie, steps and sitting time. Kawawear Intelligent Belt
is belt for everyone to use for everyday.
Q What size does Kawawear Intelligent Belt support?
  Kawawear Intelligent Belt supports waistline of 105cm - 135cm.
Q Can I adjust the size of the strap?
  Yes. You adjust the strap according to the instructions of the model.
Q How to track steps?
  Kawawear Intelligent Belt tracks steps using accelerometer with its own algorithm.
Q How to track sitting time?
  Kawawear Intelligent Belt tracks inactive time using accelerometer with its own algorithm.
Q How to calculate customized goal for steps?
  Kawawear Intelligent Belt calculates using your height, weight and waist size.
Q How to register / pairing my Kawawear Intelligent Belt?
  Put on your Kawawear Intelligent Belt and then download Cloudwear app in Play Store or App Store.
Please turn on Bluetooth service before opening the app. Key-in your mobile
phone number and follow the instructions on app to pair with your Kawawear Intelligent Belt.
Q How to register to activate my Kawawear Intelligent Belt?
  Check inside of the leaflet, there have a product key, goto to login or sign up a member,
on the lefthand side click e-warranty, please keyin the product key and the serial number and follow the instructions to complete. ( Your product will not warranty if you are not activate your e-warranty product key )
Q How to sync the device with app?
  Kawawear Intelligent Belt with automatic sync your device with the app.
Q My Kawawear Intelligent Belt does not sync with the app.
  Follow the process in the order
Turn off the app and then turn it on again. You can see battery level in the upper right corner of the app.
If you still cannot sync, make sure Bluetooth is turned ON.
If you still cannot sync, make sure to connect to the Internet.
If you still cannot sync, check if you entered your account correctly.
If you still cannot sync, delete the app and then re install it.
If you still cannot sync, charge your Kawawear Intelligent Belt.
If you still cannot sync, clearing your phone RAM ( Clear memory ) and close your unuse app.
If you still cannot sync, please visit the store you bought or mail us at
Q Is Kawawear Intelligent Belt step accurate?
  It measures from the center of your body. It is more accurate than any other active trackers.
Q Is Kawawear Intelligent Belt sitting time accurate?
  Kawawear Intelligent Belt tracks inactive time as sitting time. It could include all resting posture including lying and standing.
Q How to attach buckle and strap?
  Push the strap into the buckle to open the clip. Close the clip. ( for pin buckle only )
Q How to detach buckle and strap?
  Push the strap further into the buckle to open the clip and separate buckle and strap.
*Be sure to PUSH not PULL as it may damage the product. ( for pin buckle only )
Q Can I buy a separate leather strap?
  Yes. Even though Kawawear Intelligent Belt buckle and strap are sold in a set. but you still can buy it seperatly.
( for pin buckle only )
Q How to change the size of the strap?
  1. Cut the leather strap and then adjust the size in length adjustment of menu tap. ( for pin buckle only ).
2. Use the hole puncher to punch the hole.
Q Can I replace any strap?
  Yes, Kawawear Intelligent Belt strap are made from head layer of cowhide and you can replace for it. ( for pin buckle only ), it is not recommend outside strap that are not made in real leather ( cowhide head layer).
Q What is the URL to download Kawawear Intelligent Belt app?
  You can goto playstore / apple store to search cloudwear or scan the qr code from your user menu or goto to get the qr code.
Q What OS version do Kawawear Intelligent Belt support?
  For your convenience, Kawawear Intelligent Belt app supports both iOS 7 above and Android version 4.4 above. more detail go to
Q What languages does the app support?
  We support English, Chinese, Malay, Korea. We plan to add more languages in coming future.
Q What information does the app provide?
  You can receive alert when your phone lost, steps, sitting time, goal for steps and health feedback.
Q What about my privacy?
  The terms of this agreement (these "Terms") govern the relationship between you and Kawawear regarding your use of
(i) our website located at / (the Site);
(ii) the service available through our software applications (the App);
(iii) our wearable device products (the Product); and
(iv) any other services that we offer (together with the Site, App and Product collectively, the Service). Kawawear includes its Affiliates, which shall mean subsidiaries, parent companies, joint ventures and other corporate entities under common ownership. Please refer to / / policy for details.
Q Does the app work with third party apps?
  At this moment no, We are planning in the future.
Kawawear intelligent product has a unique product serial number, serial number and thunder technology APP binding each other, in other words, only genuine to achieve APP and product binding, if not genuine, APP is not matching, recognition and cannot be achieved binding.
Q How can I change my height, weight?
  Go to the menu - Mine - Personal data - Tap in your new infomation.
Q How does the app update?
  Go to the menu - setting - about us - press check new version
Q Where can I buy Kawawear Intelligent Belt?
  Online: You can buy at our official online store / / and microcard2u / kawawear at other online platform
Offline: Please check our business partner local store
Q How long does it take to receive Kawawear Intelligent Belt, once I have ordered on /
  Normally it will take 3 working days, Please refer to
Q Can I return or exchange the product?
  You cannot return your product once you have made an order, but you can exchange the same value of the product, To exchange, you must include, in the same condition as it was received, all original packaging, accessories, certificates, manuals, complimentary or bonus items, and any other items included in the bundle.
it is determined that the goods have been used, damaged, are missing components, or is not in a reasonable condition we may charge a reasonable restocking fee, or otherwise reduce the amount of your refund to take account of this damage, use, or missing components, When returning your Product, you will be responsible for the cost of shipping irrespective of the reason for or cause of such return.
Please refer to for details.
Q What are the precautions of Kawawear Intelligent Belt?
  Kawawear Intelligent Belt has sensitive electronic components. To use safely, please follow the instructions below.
*Do not expose the product to extreme conditions (heat, humidity)
*Avoid shock or impact that can damage the product
*Avoid water and dust. This product is not waterproof.
*more detail please refer to
Q Can I use several Kawawear Intelligent Belt with one account?
  Yes. of cause you can plug and play it with many of kawawear device in one account, but only support 2 device together at the same time,
Q Can I use several Kawawear Intelligent Belt with one account at the same time?
  Yes. But we do not suggest. we suggest detect one belt and one keychain at the same time
Q  How do I add other Kawawear Intelligent Belt to one account?
  Put on the Kawawear Intelligent Belt you want to add. Go to the menu and then tap the ( Add + ) button on top. than click search and select the device that you want to add.
Q Is Kawawear Intelligent Belt waterproof?
  The product is not waterproof.
Q How do I charge my Kawawear Intelligent Belt?
  Use the included micro USB cable, or a standard micro 5-pin smartphone charger.
Q How is the battery life?
  With normal use, Kawawear Intelligent Belt should last up to 7 days before needing to charge. You can check the battery level on the app. We suggest you charge it when you charge your phone.
Q I forgot my Kawawear Intelligent Belt password.
  You can reset your password on the app by click " Forgot password " and follow the instruction.
Q  Is Kawawear intelligent belt's buckle scratch or fade?
  No, We use the most advanced gold-plated technology for our buckle, there are not fade and other phenomena under normal use.
Q Will the chip have radiation?
  No, we use the best material, after testing, your body will not affected by radiation.
Q Are the waistbelt made by real leather?
  Yes, we use headlayer of cowhide to made this waistbelt.
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