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Warranty Conditions
This warranty covers services by Microcard Marketing.
( We have few brand in the worldwide market, The brands cover by Microcard Marketing are as below:
"Kawawear" )

T1. To activate this warranty, customer must register at as member, and fill in the product key and serial number into your member account to activate this warranty within 3 days after purchase the product.

Caution : To be avoid the warranty, Please login or sign up at
At your member account - under e-warranty,
please key in your Product Key & Serial Number to activate your warranty.

T1.1 We warranty the provision of free services of the Kawawear i-belt / Kawawear i-Keychain motherboard chip within the warranty period, from its date of purchase from
A. Our official website / other microcard2u online store / microcard2u local store. - Have to activate - T1
B. Other dealer online store / authorised dealer local store. - Have to activate - T1

The period and conditions of our warranty services are as follow.

T2. This warranty does not cover parts such as plastic covers, silicone wristbands, battery, usb cable, etc...

T3. This warranty does not particularly cover damage resulting from :
A.) Accident, misuse, tampering modifications or alterations and dismantled or repaired by any person not authorized by us.
B.) Usage of wrong electrical supply / voltage.
C.) Usage not in accordance either the operation instruction booklet.
D.) Incorrect wear, tear and scratch.
E.) Corrosion, rusting or stains.
F.) Product is dropped.

T4. This warranty is valid only in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, China, Dubai, Japan.

T5. Warranty period for
A. Kawawear i-belt motherboard chip are 6 month - After Sales Services
B. Kawawear i-Keychain motherboard chip are 1 month
from the date of purchase & must activate the product key.

T6. Under the following circumstances service and parts will be chargeable even within the warranty period:
A. Failure to present the warranty card, receipt when servicing is require or unactivate the product key and serial number.
B. Full particulars not clearly shown or alterations made against actual information, for eg, alteration of the date of purchase, warranty seal altered or removed, unactivate the product key and serial number.
C. This unit being tampered with, altered in any way by any unauthorized technicians or which has been subjected to misuse, negligence, or accident. The warranty does not cover damage occurring in transit by or from the customer.
D. The defect is caused by the attack of household pests, fire, lightning, natural disasters, pollution, abnormal voltage or the usage of generator.

T7. Term & conditions of postage under warranty period or after expiring of the warranty.
A. Customer pay the postage to post to Microcard Marketing.
B. After repair Microcard Marketing pay the postage to post to customer.
C. After expiring of warranty repair service - a postage charges RM 15.00 is applicable to all servicing needs.

( Microcard marketing have the right to change the term & condition of this warranty / the user guide from time to time, please understand !
In the event of discrepancies between the printing of warranty card /  user menu guide and kawawear website, the kawawear website shall prevail. ).

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