Necessary Car Wash Tips
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    Necessary Car Wash Tips

    •    You must wash your car with a soap minimum once a week.

    •    When washing the surface of your car with a sponge, you should use a soft sponge instead of a brush which might create stains.

    •    After your car has been washed with car soap it would need to be wiped dry using a chamois leather and then later waxes. This would prevent oxidation from setting in.

    Tips on getting the best car wash soap

    Dish soap or laundry detergent are alkaline, and if you use them on your car, it may just strip wax. If you want to clean your car without spending a lot on car wash soaps as advertised by the manufacturers, use a baby shampoo. Baby shampoos are gentle and mild. Their formulation is pH-balanced and as effective as the best car wash soap.

    If you want to know the truth, there is no specific car wash soap or any “right” brand and product to wash your vehicles. It is all your choice and depends on your motivation. You can buy the best car wash soap with a high price tag for the outlook. You can use any old car wash soap to clean the road grimes and dirt as long as it is not alkaline, it will not harm the surface. There are many inexpensive car detergents and washes that will do the basic job of cleaning your car, but high quality and expensive brands shall not breakdown the paint sealants and the layer of car wax.

    Ordinary detergents and dish soaps increase the chances of swirl marks and scratches on the your car surface. The best car wash soap are formulated with lubricants that encapsulate dirt and grime particles. With the help of car wash soap, these dirt particles are rinsed away easily without harming the clear coat on your car. The car detergents leave behind the luxuriant aroma and beautiful finish. You will love the bubbles these pricey brands produce but once again it is a matter of personal preference.

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