Why My Food Processor Suddenly Not Function ?
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    Why My Food Processor Suddenly Not Function ?

    1 - Check The Wall Plug On Off Button.
    2 - Check The Plug, Is It Plug In Properly.
    3 - Check The Cup, Is It Fit To The Body Properly.
    4 - Are You Continuous Use This Machine More Than 1 Minute Without Stop A While?
    Because This Machine Is High Speed Processor, So To Protect The Machine Breakdown, 
    When You Using This Machine Cannot Operate More Than 1 Minute Continuous.
    Mean,- Operate Not More Than 1 Minute, Stop 10~15 Second, Than Operate Again, 
    In This Way Until You Finish It.

    So If This Happen, Just Let This Machine "Rest" For 2 Hours, Than Operate Again, 
    If The Problem Can't Solve, Mean, You Need To Repair Your Motor Or Change It.

    Any Enquire - Click Here

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