Juice Extractor VS Food Processor & Blender
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    In the juicer vs food processor & blender debate, many folks assume that a blender performs the same function as a juicer.

    Now, recipes for blenders such as blender milkshakes and fruit smoothies are perfect as part of your nutrition-made-simple plan.

    Coming up with delectable milkshake recipes consisting of milk, yogurt, fruit and/or ice can greatly enhance your repertoire in the kitchen.

    But something like a Jack Lalanne Health Master 100 Blender won't replace your juicer and its unique function in the kitchen.

    There is a huge difference between a juicer and blender. Both play an important role if you are looking for easy nutrition solutions, but the one can't replace the other.

    Difference Between Juicer Food Processor or Blender - Why Blender Milkshakes And Juices Differ

    A blender uses rotating blades to chop and slice the ingredients you add to the milkshake or fruit smoothie recipe. Nothing is discarded. The end product contains the broken down skin, seeds, and flesh of the produce. All the fiber is retained.

    In contrast, a juice extractor uses centrifugal or chewing power to separate the juice from the fiber. This is the secret behind the process, leading to massive juicing benefits. All the nutrients are extracted from the fiber and plant cells and are made available for immediate and complete assimilation by your body. Blender milkshakes don't have this advantage.

    In addition, a blender produces a liquid that is of a much thicker consistency, as all the fiber is retained.

    Some fruits, such as bananas, don't juice successfully in a juice extractor. These fruits form an excellent base for smoothies, and in this respect a blender can complement your juicer beautifully.

    To get the best of both worlds, you can add the juice produced by your juicer to the smoothie mix for loads of added oomph. This is also the place where you can easily add extra fiber such as flax seeds, to replace some of the fiber lost during the juicing process.

    When you drink a blended smoothie, you have to "chew" it in a sense, to ensure proper digestion. This isn't necessary with juices made with a juice extractor.

    To recap, a quick list of blender benefits:

     - Keeps all the fiber
     - Milkshake heaven, prepared in a healthy way
     - Easily processes all those fruits that don't do well in a juicer
     - Quick and simple to use
     - Usually very easy to clean

    Is juicing for weight loss is important to you? Did you know that you can come up with blender milkshakes that can help you with fat-loss?
    To discover how, check out the bonus book "31 Blender Drink Recipes" that my colleague Craig Ballentyne is now offering along with his simple nutrition system. This system includes his easy 7-step detox plan, 15 nutrition-made-simple rules, food myths and much more. The blender book offers from morning drinks to post-workout milkshakes and healthy, green smoothies. Isn't it great to be able to enjoy something so delicious, yet totally nutritious and guilt-free?

    So, in the juicer vs food processor & blender debate, I would say that you need both in your kitchen. Juice recipes are fine, but for a special, tasty treat blender milkshakes can't be beaten! Have fun experimenting!

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