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    Register At Microcard2u And Get A Loyalty Point...

    -To honor our customer, customer will earn loyalty points on every order they made.
    -Loyalty points accumulated can be changed to discount voucher and use to purchase products.

    And How To Get Loyalty Point At Microcard2u Shop? 
    First, You Must Sign up As Member, 
    ( Is Free To Sign Up As Member ), 
    Than You Can Get The Loyalty Point From Microcard2u Shop. 
    After You Become As Member, When You Purchase Product From Microcard2u, 
    You Will Get Some Point From Each Product... And The Point Will Credit To Your Account After Confirmation Of Delivery.
    You May  Accumulate Into Your Account, ( You Can Login Your Account To View Your Detail ), 
    Than You Can Convert It As Cash Voucher To Purchase Product From Microcard2u Later.... 

    # The Point Did No Expire Within 2 years. But Once Your Convert To Cash Voucher, 
    # This Cash Voucher Will Expire Within 30 Days From The Date You Convert .
        (You Can Login Your Account To View Your Detail ).
    # Once You Convert Your Point To Cash Voucher, You Cannot Undo It Again.
    # The Point Will Credit To The Account After Confirmation Of Delivery.
    # Any Of The Point Or Voucher At Microcard2u Cannot Be Cash Out From Microcard2u, 
        It Can Be Use As Cash To Buy Product From Microcard2u.com Only

    ( E mail and proper fill in at Microcard2u is important. 
    Because you will received your 
    point, voucher, statement, login, or other benefit from Microcard2u is go through E mail ).

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