Microcard2u Referral Program
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    Referral Program
    -Based on friend get friend concept, but we go further more by this way.
    -When you intro your friend to sign up and become member, he/she will get a discount voucher instantly.
    -When your friend place an order with us, he/she will get the loyalty points as mentioned just now.
    -You will get the same loyalty points too, not for once, but it’s for life time, on every order he/she made.
    -Lets get more friends to join us and have more fun!

    First, to use referral program, you must become Microcard2u.com's member.
    Second, after become our member login to your account, on your top left hand side you will see referral program button, and follow the step below.

    Just fill in the First Name, 
    Last Name, 
    and E-mail address(es) 
    of your friend(s) in the fields below.

    When one of them you sponsor was sign up
    He or she will get a 3% voucher immediately into he or her account.

    When one of them makes at least 1 order, 
    he or she will receive some point accumulate to their account and 
    you will receive your own point from the purchase order make by your friend and accumulate to your own account. 

    * To use the point to purchase at Microcard2u.com, you must convert to cash voucher.
    * Once you convert to cash voucher, you cannot undo it to point.

    1. The point will credit to the account after confirmation of delivery
    2. This voucher cannot cash out, it can be used as cash to buy the products from Microcard2u only. 
    3. The voucher is valid for 30 days only. 
    4. Microcard2u have the right to change the Terms and Conditions without prior notice. 
    5. This is not a direct selling program, it is just a benefit that return from Microcard2u because of the support of the members.
    6. Your friends' e-mail addresses will only be used in the Microcard2u.com. It will never be used for other purposes. 
    7. Once your friend' e-mail has registered to Microcard2u from other people or own, you cannot introduce him or her again.  

    How to Sponsor
    First, You Must Sign up As Member, ( Is Free To Sign Up As Member ). After you became as member,
    B. Login to your account > 
    C. At the top left side you will see the Referral Program button, click on it >
    D. See " Sponsor My Friend" > 
    E. Fill in your friend's name, email than click validate. It's done!.

    After that, you can use "Remind My Friend " button at "Pending Friend" to remind your friend to join.
    After your friend have signed up, then his or her email will be displayed in "Friend I Sponsored".
    Once he or she placed an order, you and him or her will get the voucher in each of your account. You will receive a notification email on this matter.
    Important : When Your Are Sponsor By Your Friend Remember To Fill In Your Friend's Email When You Sign-up, If Not, 
    You Will Not Able To Get A 3% Voucher To Your Account Immedialy.

    ( Email used for registration at Microcard2u is important and must be genuine. 
    All the points earned, voucher, order statement, login details, or other benefits from Microcard2u is send through Email ).

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