What Is Microcard2u Merchant Site
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    Microcard2u Merchant Site
    (Formally Know As Microshop2u)

    Microcard2u Merchant Site are free for
    public merchant to introduce their
    business / product at our site.

    To be our shopping mall's Merchant Site. You need to
    prepare -
    (you can prepare in ms word format, php,

    1. Main Page,

    2. Contact Page -
    Customer will be direct contact you

    3. Product
    Introduce Page - what your company are (selling /
    servicing ), pricing,...

    4. Order Page - How to
    delivery, How to order

    5. Q&A Page. - Let your
    customer to discuss at here, yo can create event, your
    ourlet, your product info.....etc...
    (you goto forum
    to register as user..)(we will create a topic for your

    6. Provide to us your keywords for

    we will prepare for you
    a web lot id -

    (Mean You Have A
    Shop At Our Site, And This Is Your Shop Address).

    (you can use it as your company web site URL, if you do
    not have now(or even you have))

    all this are free
    - no hidden cost....
    of cause you can't upload your
    self, because we need to control.
    If you have any
    changes or update of your site, you just send to us with
    your design
    (in word format or php, html..)
    can upload your even, discussion...at our forum...

    once we
    found your site have illegal, we will terminate
    immediately without notice..

    hope you enjoy
    See the reference - ( The existing merchant
    host at

    Microcard2u Merchant Site

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