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    What Is Your AD
    It is a free advertisement platform from microcard2u.com for public user to upload their advertisement.

    How to use Your AD

    1. click the new classifieds, than fill in the
    2. click preview to preview before post,
    3. click update
    if any change before post it,
    4. click post it if no changer,
    and key in the password (this password is
    just for this ad, incase you wanted to delete this ad you need
    to key in the same password, so every ad you key in, you can use
    different password for each ad )
    for this ads, after post
    it you will receipt an email (Must Fill In
    Your Email
    ) to confirm the ad, just click the
    link to confirm the ad from the mail you receipt from
    5. For best result to upload your photo,
    please resize your photo to 640 x 480 pixel..
    Your own trading at Microcard2u
    Your AD.....For

    If you are just begining a new
    business, We are welcome you to introduce your business
    at our site. (call
    or mail to us for detail

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