How To Order, To Use And The Terms Of Debit Voucher?
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    How To Order, To Use And The Terms Of Debit Voucher?

    ProductDebit Voucher 200
    How To Order

    Add this product to the shopping cart, check out and make the payment.

    Microcard2u will send you a member card.

    How To Use

    Go to the merchant shop and spend according to your needs.

    Present your Microcard2u Member Card when billing.

    The cashier will deduct the current amount spend from the

    balance of your debit voucher with your Microcard2u Member Card. 

    Terms & Conditions

    * Remember to update your IC in My personal info under My Account.

    * Remeber to bring along your Microcard2u Member Card,

    when you spend at the merchant shop.

    * Remember to check your balance from time to time.

    * You will receive a notification email for every transaction you made.

    * Remember to keep your member card in a safe place, and

    you are not encourage to share your member card with others.

    * Your debit voucher will be expired after 2 years from the date of purchased.

    *To earn more loyalty points, member is encourage to refer their friends by using Referrel Program to sign up as Microcard2u member.Accumulated loyalty points can use to purchase debit voucheror any products at Microcard2u.

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