What Is Tangible Product, Debit Voucher, Discount Voucher, Limited Voucher ?
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    Microcard2u.com Have 4 major product types :-

    Tangible Products
    are real physical products for general products..
    Anything range from automobile to household products.
    Eg. Toyota Camry and Food Processor. 
    We will add more products from time to time.

    Debit Voucher ( Virtual Cashcard )
    Microcard2u's ideal - to giving back to customer. Nowdays, the competition of the business, so how's the merchant to keep their own loyalty customer?
    The answer is "discount voucher ", and how the voucher works? 
    Eg : normal price RM500, and now promotion period bring along with your voucher and get your discount price at RM450. But once consumption required.
    And now, hows Microcard2u Debit voucher works?
    It"s a prepaid-like voucher suitable for Any Industry.
    Eg. F&B industry like Restaurant, Confectionary, Hotel, Super Market....
    Customer will buy the products from the Merchant directly by deduct the amount spend from the balance of debit voucher.

    Discount Voucher
    Discount (or special price) for specify product and use for 1 time.
    Eg. Toyota voucher.
    When the merchant do a promotion through Microcard2u, customer will buy the discount voucher from Microcard2u shopping site, after they buy the discount voucher, the discount voucher will auto saving to the customer's member card. And the customer will enjoy their discount voucher just show their member card.
    Eg : 

    How This Voucher Work

    1. Register As Microcard2u's Member

    2. Buy This Voucher At RM250 And Get Discount For RM600 And Paid RM250 Online.

    3. Received Your Microcard2u Member Card, (The Discount Voucher Inside The Card)

    4. Bring Along Your Microcard2u Member Card , And Go To The Merchant Shop

    5. Order A Selected Product,And Show Your Member Card To Get A Discount On Top Of Other Promotions.

    Limited Voucher
    Similar to discount voucher, but limited in quantity.

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