My product buy from other... can i get the service from Microcard2u?
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    My product buy from Counter, Fair, other shop, can i get the service from Microcard2u?

    We are not respond the product from other party, unless from ubay or our online shopping store.

    Even the product are not from Ubay or from our online store, 
    we still can guide you how to solve your problem, you need to :-
    1. you must register as microcard2u's member at microcard2u website.
    2. write down the problem, and email to us ( or or click here
    3. we will come back to you ASAP.
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    Please keep your receipts from our department store or 
    if you are purchase from our online store, all your purchase order record are in your member account
    (login your member account - on your top left hand side - click my order)

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