Merdeka-Raya Special Deal
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    As Hari Raya will also be celebrated at the same time, Microcard2u has decided to make this Merdeka-Raya extra special for you by offering irresistible deals for Existing Member & New Sign-up Member at Microcard2u.

    10% discount for Categories of:- 
    *Derm10 Product
    *Mircoz Product
    *Food Processor  
    *Hagis Cleaning Product
    *Footwear Product
    *Smart Lady Product

    15% discount for Categories of:-
    *Crystal Cleaning Product

    New signup member - will receive the e-voucher code in the signup email.

    Existing member - will receive the e-voucher code email from microcard2u.

    Simply copy/paste this code during the payment process for your purchase of the categories above.

    All this e-voucher valid from:- 4august2011 to 10september 2011

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