Any shop or outlet for Microcard2u
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    There are many customer are asking any or where are Microcard2u's shop or outlet, 
    is it any shop or outlet for Microcard2u?

    First, why Microcard2u are setup.
    many of the product at microcard2u are selling in the counter or exhibition by dealer or distributor, 
    and many of the customer are buying our product at the counter/exhibition, after they use, 
    they need some services, product accessories, and even repeat or buy more of our product, 
    but they realize hard to find our counter/exhibition when they need, 
    so, that's why we are setting up Microcard2u to serve our customer and let our customer to buy or repeat our product in a best, simple and large coverage way.
    Second, nowaday the rental of a shop or counter are costly, we are try to save the cost and return to the customer.

    We are not setting up our traditional shop, 
    We are strongly to encourage our customer to use our "online shop" instead of traditional shop.

    Thank you for your kind understanding and any inconvenience caused.

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