Who is Perpetual Trustees Berhad (PTB) ?
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    Who is Perpetual Trustees Berhad (PTB) ? 
    A) Perpetual Trustees Berhad (PTB ) is a Private Trust Corporation incorporated in year 2005.
    B) The company is regulated by the Trust Companies ACT 1949 and Trustees Act 1949.
    C) We are a reporting body under Anti Money Laundering and Financing Terrorism.
    D) For proper governance we have the following in place :-
    i. Internal Control Policies and Procedures on Anti Money Laundering and Combating Financing of Terrorism.
    ii. Internal Corporate Governance & Compliance.
    iii. Financial Reporting and Independent Auditor.
    iv. Corporate Responsibilities and Compliance.
    v. Administrative Guidelines and Policies.

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